Domestic Infant Adoption

Adoption Associates has a top-notch team of professionals that is well versed in adoption law
and that works tirelessly to ensure legal compliance throughout the adoption process.

Ready to adopt an infant?  There is no wait list to begin the adoption process at Adoption Associates – you may start working with us on your home study and profile creation as soon as you’re ready. Once your home study and profile have been completed, your profile will be active on our website and available to birth mothers. Our infant adoption program is very active and families are needed for babies of all races who may have been exposed to substances during pregnancy, or who may have a family history of mental illness.

AAI’s infant adoption program opened in 1990 and since that time we’ve been helping pregnant women who are planning adoption find permanent families for their unborn children. AAI has assisted with thousands of adoptions of infants right here in the United States. In addition to agency-matched adoptions, AAI can help if you have already identified and established a relationship with a birth mother.

Many expectant parents are interested in developing a relationship with an adoptive family before their baby is born. AAI supports all types of adoption (fully open, semi open, closed) based on the desires of birth parents and the fit with an adoptive family. We carefully work with expectant parents and adoptive parents to identify their preferences and make matches that align with everyone’s expectations.

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Adoption is SO MUCH MORE than just a legal process! Expectant parents, adoptive parents, adopted babies and children can be expertly, fully and uniquely cared for by a LOCAL, reputable, experienced, and licensed agency. We provide adoption services in Michigan to meet EVERYONE’S needs. Adoption Associates has an in-depth understanding of Michigan law and adoption requirements. Staff members are available 24/7 for immediate help and services. We have four locations across the State of Michigan, and have built strong relationships with referral sources, hospitals, and courts to help provide excellent service to clients in any area of the state. Click HERE to learn more.

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Infant Adoption Program Requirements

About The Children

Infants of all races are placed through this program


Heterosexual, married couples, married at least one year

Click HERE to see AAI Agency Policies

Time Frame

Total process time is 15 to 24 months on average


Most families waiting with Adoption Associates have a successful placement in 15-24 months after completion of their home study and profile. Birth parents generally want to select and meet the family they have chosen, so you will need to wait for the birth parent who decides that you can offer her baby the family and future she wants for her baby. Applicants open to adopting children of any races, or situations with substance abuse exposure for the infant, or greater degrees of openness will usually have a shorter wait.

  • adoption professional service fees
  • outreach and education networking to locate potential birth parent clients
  • home study fees
  • birth parent expenses
  • legal fees
  • travel expenses
Adoption is a permanent plan and biological parents cannot come back to take a child once parental rights have been terminated. The legal process is carefully monitored, and birth parents voluntarily release their parental rights prior to the legal adoption. The termination hearing or release is typically 2-6 weeks after delivery. A child may be placed in your home directly from the hospital on a legal risk basis prior to the termination of parental rights and this situation can put a family at risk of a birth mother changing her mind before termination.

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. You have allowed our family to be complete, even more than we thought possible, because we didn’t begin adoption knowing how much we would value and treasure our birth mothers. We consider them family, along with our children. God has given us a bigger gift than we asked for; thank you for being the instrument that brought us together.”

“We are so grateful to everyone at Adoption Associates for helping our baby boy to find us! Our caseworker and birth mother caseworker were great and always willing to answer our questions.”

“Words will never be able to describe what AAI has done for us. You came highly recommended to us, and you exceeded our expectations. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism, care, and support. Thank you with all our hearts!”