Adoption Stories

Our Waiting Families

Adoption Associates has the highest standards when choosing adopting couples. We are proud of the families offered here.

Beth & Brandon

 Apart from the slow moving tractors we do not have a lot of traffic on our road. Our neighborhood is very quiet and relaxing: we can enjoy having bonfires and watching the sunset.

Inga & Heath

We travel to Germany two or three times a year to spend quality time with our family and friends.

Becky & Ken

Michelle & Eric

We treasure the time we get to spend with our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. We enjoy traditions such as monthly birthday gatherings, pool parties, weekend breakfasts, game nights and...

Stephanie & Chad

Sarah & Tom

We are blessed to live in an area that is well known as a vacation hotspot across the Midwest. One of our favorite times of the year is fall when one of our small towns holds the annual harvest...

Heather & Jeff

We want to expose our children to as much of the world as we can—from music and dancing, to fishing and ice skating—so that they have every opportunity to find pursuits in life that they find...

Angel & William

Our entire family delights in learning about and celebrating our multicultural heritage.

Dawn & Todd

We enjoy just hanging out together and often spend weekends walking our dog, heading outside for a hike or just exploring the town we live in. We both love the outdoors and spend summers camping...

Jen & Rory

We live next to a beautiful pond on forested land. Rory is Australian and Jen's parents live in Florida for half of the year, so we get many chances to travel.