Open Communication

by Janet Forde When my nephew was five or six years old, he asked what his birth father's name was. He was told that his name was Steve, but was not really given any other information, such as what his birth father looked like or what his personality was like. Somehow in his mind he then became convinced that his birth father was Steve from [...]

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Tall Order – Giving Thanks No Matter What

It's Thanksgiving, and for some, listing your blessings will flow off the tip of your tongue. However, for many in our adoption community, it's a tall order to find reasons to give thanks. Giving thanks seems to be a tall order when you've just discovered you're pregnant and have no means to become a mom. It might be difficult to have a heart of thanksgiving [...]

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Famous Adopted Olympians

We all love watching the Olympics and seeing the best athletes in the world compete. We also love learning about the Olympians' personal lives and the journeys they took to Rio. This year, Simone Biles's achievements as an adopted athlete (and gold medalist!) have taken social media by storm. But did you know that several famous Olympians were adopted? Many Paralympians have overcome birth defects [...]

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NOT FEELING VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE NEW YEAR?  As you flip the calendar over to 2016 do you only see monumental crisis and looming decisions?  If your heart is trembling about how to handle an unplanned pregnancy as you start 2016 let one of our caring, compassionate counselors come alongside of you to hear you out and answer your questions about making an adoption plan [...]

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