Ganai’s Adoption Story

I decided to plan adoption for my child to give him something I couldn’t provide: my full attention. The love for him I have is free and bountiful. Yes, I would have been able to scrape together food, clothes and shelter for him, but in the end my full attention would not have been there for him. The three children I have now and myself [...]

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How do adult adoptees feel about their adoption? Here is one man’s story.

Ryan Jon has never met his biological mum, but if he ever came face-to-face with her the first thing he would say to her is "thank you". “My parents were told they wouldn't have children but now they’re my mum and dad. They’re awesome, they’ve given me a great life and I’ll love them forever.” He told he knows many women experience guilt after giving their [...]

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Preparing Your Hospital Plan

One of the most important responsibility for Adoption Associates pregnancy counselors are to help pregnant women plan for their hospital experience. This is a very important time and work through many questions with birth mothers prior to delivery: Who do you want to be in the labor and delivery room with you?  Do you want the family who is adopting your baby to be in the room? Do you want to see [...]

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Questions to Ask Yourself when Selecting an Adoptive Family for your Child

When I close my eyes what do I envision the best family for my child to look like? Every birth mom has a family picture in her mind of what she thinks the perfect family for her unborn child will look like, do for a living, and how they will raise her child. Be honest about what you think they are like, which ideals are [...]

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Empowering birthmothers

At AAI, we are all about empowering women.   Women come to us in a crisis situation and unsure about their decision.   We want to make sure every woman has the information to make the right choice for them.   We work with the birthmothers to develop a plan for their baby.    It's our job at Adoption Associates to help every woman make [...]

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How one birthmother made her birth plan

When you are a little girl you don't spend your days imagining having a baby only to choose to give her away to another family. So when I was asked what I wanted to do when the time came for my delivery and placement of my little girl, I had absolutely no idea. I naively imagined that the doctors and nurses would just quietly take [...]

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Open Communication

by Janet Forde When my nephew was five or six years old, he asked what his birth father's name was. He was told that his name was Steve, but was not really given any other information, such as what his birth father looked like or what his personality was like. Somehow in his mind he then became convinced that his birth father was Steve from [...]

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Tall Order – Giving Thanks No Matter What

It's Thanksgiving, and for some, listing your blessings will flow off the tip of your tongue. However, for many in our adoption community, it's a tall order to find reasons to give thanks. Giving thanks seems to be a tall order when you've just discovered you're pregnant and have no means to become a mom. It might be difficult to have a heart of thanksgiving [...]

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Famous Adopted Olympians

We all love watching the Olympics and seeing the best athletes in the world compete. We also love learning about the Olympians' personal lives and the journeys they took to Rio. This year, Simone Biles's achievements as an adopted athlete (and gold medalist!) have taken social media by storm. But did you know that several famous Olympians were adopted? Many Paralympians have overcome birth defects [...]

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NOT FEELING VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE NEW YEAR?  As you flip the calendar over to 2016 do you only see monumental crisis and looming decisions?  If your heart is trembling about how to handle an unplanned pregnancy as you start 2016 let one of our caring, compassionate counselors come alongside of you to hear you out and answer your questions about making an adoption plan [...]

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