When considering domestic adoption, families across the country depend on one of Michigan’s leading agencies in domestic infant adoption, Adoption Associates Inc. Our mission is to offer adoptive parents and birth parents in the state of Michigan and across the nation the information, services, and attention they deserve.

  • Our fees are competitive with other domestic adoption agencies.
  • We have support services and educational opportunities including transracial and transcultural training, adoption seminars, and information panels 
  • Our in-house legal services coordinator has current expertise resulting in a seamless liaison between our agency and the courts. Completing legal paperwork in-house also saves you time and money.
  • We specialize in semi-open adoption, but work with clients who range from wanting no contact to full, open contact with adoptive parents.

If you are interested in learning more about adoption, please don't hesistate to contact us. Michigan families rely on us for the support they need, and we’re ready to help you as well!

Are you ready to plan your family with us?